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The rapid growth of the internet commerce in recent years presents established small businesses with a serious dilemma. On the one hand they can stick with the business model that has worked for them for the last number of years. On the other hand, they can make the shift to serious eBusiness.
Choosing to stand pat is usually much easier in the short term. But in the longer term this almost certainly means they will be left behind by technology, and lose many of their most important clients to more aggressive competitors.
But shifting to eBusiness may involve committing substantial resources to developing a new game plan. That usually means refining product lines to make them easier to sell online, upgrading computer systems and websites, and training personnel at all levels to be more web savvy. It also means developing or hiring staff to handle the administration of new marketing, sales, and delivery systems, and working with outside consultants and service providers to handle the technical aspects of the new program that cannot be handled by your own people.  Here is a product related to E Business.

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