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Personality Development

Purpose Driven Life Rs.99

If you want to be successful, living life to your fullest potential, full of abundance, fulfillment and joy… then what you’re about to discover could be the one thing that you’ve been looking for the entire time!

This ebook will show you the secret to success of the world’s Top Achievers so you emulate their strategies to greatness!


You will learn:

  • Why Do People Experience The Midlife Crisis? 
  • The Mind ‘spring-cleaning’ Activity To Discover Your Life’s True Purpose
  • 4 Powerful Self-discovery Questions To Revealing Your Life’s Purpose
  • Do You Keep On Checking The Clock While Working? It’s Time To Re-think Your Career
  • Why Making Mistakes Is Actually Your First Step Towards Massive Success
  • Why Should You Surround Yourself Around Like-minded People And How It Will Add More Meaning To Your Life
  • 4 Common Issues Preventing You From Discovering Your Life’s Purpose
  • Why You Shouldn’t Let Other People Set The Purpose Of Your Life – And How You Take Back Control And Be The ‘captain’ Of Your Life!
  • Why ‘unrealistic’ Dreams Work Wonders
  • How To Conquer Your ‘Dark-Side’ And Use It To Achieve Unimaginable Successes
  • Happiness Is A Myth! Look For ‘this’ Instead…
  • Why Making Money Is Not Your Sole Purpose In Life
  • This Will Give You Ultimate Clarity & Clear You Away From Any Distraction.
  • 4 Exact Steps To Transform Your Life
Dominate Your Year Rs.99

Setting goals is a natural part of life. Goals are what get us out of bed in the morning and keep us from drifting through life.

Do you regularly find yourself failing to reach the goals you’ve set?

Do you wish you could easily and quickly achieve the goals that you set for yourself so you can live a happier and more fulfilling life?


You’re not alone. According to research, a staggering 92% of people fail to achieve the goals they set in their life.

This guide can show you how to overcome your excuses and develop a solid plan for achieving your goals and dominating your life.


  • Explains why setting goals is important for living a happier and more fulfilled life.
  • Discusses how goal setting can improve your life
  • Helps you to discover what you really want in your life
  • Shows you how to overcome disappointments and setbacks
  • Explains the important difference between wants and needs
  • Enables you to identify your ‘Big Why’
  • Shows you how to decide what you want for your life
  • Teaches you how to brainstorm your goals
  • Teaches you the importance of creating the right mindset
  • Shows you how to create highly charged goals
  • Details how important deadlines are for achieving your goals
  • Helps you reprogram your mind for success
  • Enables you to create a plan for accelerated success
  • Shows you how to be a high performer
  • Teaches you how to overcome your limiting beliefs
  • And much more

Following the advice presented in this course will increase your ability to achieve all the goals you set in your life to become happier and more fulfilled. 

Money Chakra Secrets Rs.49
Money Chakra Secrets is a simple yet highly impactful guide that will teach you chakra balancing techniques so you’ll be able to heal your chakras into perfect alignment and attract wealth and abundance into your life.
When you follow the techniques and rituals distilled inside for as little as 20 minutes a day, you will prime yourself for not just financial wealth, but also all the good things in your life.
  • The truth and inner workings of your 7 chakras, and how they are keeping you from achieving your deepest desire or financial goals
  •  Learn how each chakra corresponds to your money making decision which either causes you to remain poor or attract more money into your life
  •  A list of powerful no-cost and unique techniques to heal every single one of your chakras in as little as 20 minutes a day
  •  Learn how to “feel” chakra imbalance, blockage or hyperactivity and how to get them back to balanced state
  •  Understand what is causing chakra leakage and how to heal them
  •  Which chakra to unblock for healthy sex, creativity, and passion
  •  Learn exactly how chakras can heal you in body, mind, and spirit
  •  Learn several ancient techniques to strengthens your solar plexus chakra so you enjoy unbeatable willpower
  •  The amazingly simple steps you can do right now to heal a broken heart. Healing this chakra can free you from dependence upon others, and create personal independence
  •  Healing this particular chakra will enable you to command authority and control in your work, and attract more financial abundance into your life
  •  Discover the perfect food to consume to balance each of your chakras
  •  How to activate your Third Eye Chakra for spiritual awakening to achieve highly sensitive intuition that will attract money making opportunity into your life
  •  The all-time most powerful technique to get all your chakras in perfect balance and alignment
  •  The ability to heal and energize yourself in mind, body, and spirit, anywhere and anytime, regardless of your unique personal situation or surroundings
  •  …and so much more.
    The Minimalist Lifestyle Rs.49

    “Discover The Simple Step-By-Step Plan To Getting More Out of Your Life With Less Stuff”

    You Too Can De-Clutter And Organize Your Life To Live a Life of Zen And Happiness

    In this course we look at how you can take a step back and recognize the amazing life you already have.

    We look at how you can cut back on the excess in order to cut back on the stress and the work.

    The result is a happier, liberated and joyous lifestyle.

    What you’ll discover in this eBook:

    • How to create a ‘zen space’ that you can use to unwind and relax
    • How to take the things you own and start making the most of them
    • How to sort clutter and create an organized, minimal space
    • How to change your mindset to remove envy and learn to truly appreciate the things you own
    • How to automate and systemize your life so you spend less time on menial tasks
    • How to massively reduce stress
    • How to turn a small home into a luxury pad
    • How to save money and protect the environment with smart, minimal tips
    • Top tips for creating a beautiful minimal decor
    • The true meaning of minimalism and how to adopt the ethos into your life
    • How to create a stunning looking home without spending a fortune or owning a mansion!

    • How to save money for travel and adventure

    • How to be truly grateful for the things you have in life
    • How to manage your money better, so that you never have to worry about finances again!
    • How to discover your passion and pursue your dreams
    • How to make a home that takes care of itself and provides the perfect sanctuary for you at the end of the day.
    • …and much, much more!
      Increase Your Personal Productivity Rs.49

      “Finally! Discover the Secrets for Increasing Your Personal Productivity and Getting More Done in Less Time”

      Follow This Simple Guide to Increase Your Personal Productivity So You Can Get More Done 

      Here’s what you’ll discover when you take the first step and purchase this powerful guide for Increase Your Personal Productivity:

      • Why finding your “why” is essential to increasing your productivity.
      • Learn the importance of identifying your goals so you can become more productive.
      • Learn to improve your time management skills so you can get more done in less time.
      • Discover the things that are keeping you from being your most productive self and how to overcome them.
      • Learn how procrastination is the biggest hurdle to your productivity and the steps to overcoming it.
      • And much more!